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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Shopping with the Family

Here's a question. Who brings their kids when they go to the liquor store to shop for booze? Junior is helping Pa find the 100 proof Schnapps and little Jeri Lynn is giving Ma a hand because she can only carry two gallons of Wild Turkey without dropping something.
While I stand at the register in shock, it suddenly dawns on me that it's possible these kids will have good memories of the liquor store when they get older. Mom and Dad are in an expansive mood. They're buying the kids all the soda and candy they want, and mommy, why is the cashier giving you dirty looks? It could be the only time the family unit spends together when Mom and Dad aren't hungover or wasted. I'm screaming inside my head. As I count change back to Pa, he looks at me thankfully and says,"God bless you, son."


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