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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Open letter to anonymous

Just Another Small Town Guy, or Dude, as I inadvertently renamed him, has asked me some questions which I have left unanswered. First I'd like to say that I appreciate everyone's feedback and comments. If I directed anger at you in a response to a comment, it was accidental. Living in this place for so long has produced some resentment which sometimes I am unable to control. Why start a blog, why not volunteer for a local service organization to funnel your frustration and anger into something positive? I’ve tried that. Didn’t help.
I’m pissed off at myself for not extricating myself from this town. I’m working on it. While I’m here, I thought blogging about myself and the people here could be therapeutic, and hopefully somewhat funny. There are many things I didn’t see coming which seem stupid in retrospect, but one thing I don’t want is this blog to turn into forum where people rip on one another and call each other names.
PLEASE be nice.


At 5/11/2005 08:06:00 PM, Anonymous dude said...

Excuse me?

If you don't want your blog to be a place "where people rip on one another and call each other names" I would suggest you might begin by renaming your blog.

How about "Just another small town guy" or something less offensive than your current moniker.

You want us to be nice, but you appear to reserve the right to rip everyone, everything and anything of your choosing.

You are setting the tone here and this desire of yours to have others "do as you say and not as you do" makes about as much sense as expecting your town to accept you because you want it to.

I have lived in a number of small towns -- Old Town, Maine; Ashland, Ore; and South Sterling, Penn. (my home for the past 24 years) -- and when people don't fit in it's usually because they choose not to.

Communities -- in and of themselves -- don't reject or shun people as nearly everyone living in them just want to get along.

Being accepted has nothing to do with volunteering or joining anything. It's all inside the head.

Attitudes are projected and much like that kid in the liquor store, everyone pretty much knows you don't like them and then you wonder why they don't like you! Amazing, isn't it? How the world works.

I never meant to diss you, I just saw an opportunity to help someone adjust to small-town life.

-- Dude

BTW -- I haven't been to your town since 1981 when I moved back east, but are you sure you're talking about Crescent City, California? I'm curious as you refer to it as having once been a "quaint tourist town" when my memory is that of a gritty, industrial town surrounded by incomparable natural beauty?

At 5/12/2005 03:52:00 PM, Anonymous Carrie said...

Wow! I read the feedback loop, intense stuff.

I am a former C.C. resident (who lived 1/2 a block from that liquor store for 3 yrs) and I would submit that the kind of situated knowledge that comes from growing up in C.C. is not comperable to living as an audult in Ashland OR. Cresecent City has extraordinarily high rates of unempoyment, spouse abuse, substance abuse, teen pregnency, even pet abuse. Contrarily, Ashland has a state college, Shakespearian performances, spiritual conventions, and a park with live swans. "Small town" is too vague a term when attempting to define these areas.

Furthermore, the average rain fall on that town is enough to fill a hollow redwood to the top!

Clearly people's priorities differ, as do their concepts of what makes a place "suck".

I'm certainly glad I made it out alive, and I'll leave the search and rescue lights on for you Mike.

At 5/12/2005 04:05:00 PM, Anonymous Dominic said...

Don't apologize, it's your blog, it is funny.
and yes Crescent City does suck.


At 5/12/2005 05:26:00 PM, Anonymous dude said...


Point well taken about Ashland, but we're not talking the Ashland of the present, but rather the Ashland of 1975 before it was "discovered". Huge difference.

However, if you factor in that my place of residence prior to Ashland was Manhattan, New York City, Ashland was but a tiny village in my young adult frame of reference.

One of the first things I learned after I moved there was that one does not honk their horn or flip people off New York-style when living in a small community.

What I learned in Ashland that relates to this thread was that while I thought I had found paradise on earth, the young adults who had grown up in Ashland and continued to live there thought the place sucked. They wanted to move to Eugene.

However, subsequent extended visits to Eugene found that young adults who had grown up there and continued to live in Eugene thought the place sucked. They wanted to move to Portland.

Amazingly, numerous visits to Portland revealed that young adults who had grown up in Portland and continued to live there thought the place sucked. They wanted to move to San Francisco.

I had a brother living in San Francisco at the time and he told me that young adults who had grown up there and continued to live there thought the place sucked. They wanted to move to New York.

And, as I had moved to Ashland from New York I can assure you that those young adults who had grown up in New York and continued to live in New York thought the place sucked.

Bottom line: when you're a young adult the place you grew up in sucks and the grass always looks greener somewhere else.

It's called youth.

Fortunately, youth is usually followed by maturity.

However, maturity takes time to develop as it cannot be taught as maturity and wisdom only come from making the same mistake more than once.

When Michael matures, he'll regret having posted this blog in the manner he has chosen, which is to say, spitting in the face of everyone who lives there.

Instead of acting out and publicly demeaning his home town, he should redirect his energies in a positive direction, find a place he likes and move there. And the sooner the better.

In so doing he would be doing himself, his family, and his neighbors a huge favor as they're probably enjoying his company as much as Michael enjoys theirs.

-- Dude

BTW -- The nearest "big" town (with "big" meaning a place with a supermarket) to South Sterling, Penn. is Newfoundland. After you find them in your atlas come back and tell me again why I don't know squat about small town life.

At 5/16/2005 10:44:00 PM, Anonymous Coping said...

For the Dude:
Belatedly reading this comment chain, I just wanted to pipe in with one tidbit, in case you're still reading the blog:
I don't think that the author is spitting in the face of the populace of CC, I think he's aiming more for a satire. You have to be able to laugh about the quirks of small-town life or you are in danger of becoming the very lunatic you're standing in line behind at the supermarket. I think Michael is doing a great job of showing off how lovely our fair city is, but is also trying to say something about the dreadful underpinnings - we are a small tourist town whose economy depends on outsiders loving our smallness and beauty, but we are ourselves riddled with strangeness and sadness and that sometimes makes living here hard. If we weren't talking, goodness knows what we'd be up to.

At 5/18/2005 06:12:00 PM, Anonymous Fisherman said...

correction to coping, we were, and still are a blue collar town. tourism generates a small amount of revenue compared to fishing. what's more, that money gets circulated throughout the community, unlike monies generated by the prison. also, people seem to forget that one of the major tourism draws is our working harbor, and the fishing industry.

At 5/18/2005 08:18:00 PM, Anonymous Coping said...

You're completely right, fisherman. For a moment, I got sucked into the Chamber of Commerce propaganda! Oh, my.

At 5/18/2005 09:34:00 PM, Anonymous Fisherman said...

Funny, but only because it is the truth. Oh well,if you can't laugh about it, what else can you do?

At 5/19/2005 01:35:00 AM, Blogger michael said...

Cry. Or start a silly blog about your hometown.


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