Crescent City Sucks

even on a good day...

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Fellow Victims

In a recent email, a friend of mine and former Crescent City resident, send me a list of likes and dislikes about our shared hometown.

“So here is what is sucks to me about Crescent City (obvious) the smell of poop,
fish, grease, what have you. Um, the gray, gray, gray. The flat roof
architecture. Rain. Poverty, poverty, poverty. Meth, lack of diversity, gossip, the
whole tonka town look of things. Like corporate pop-up town. Burger King,
Safeway, Subway, homogeny. No shopping for music, books, clothes, yarn, beads,
whatever. No sit-down coffee, nothing open at night. No good pizza. No
felafel, no Indian food, no Japanese food. Um...not really many trees
in the town. The generally conservative attitude. Wal-mart. No frozen yogurt.

I like the low rate of violent crime, relatively low air pollution, and
pretty minimal traffic. Thai food, Mexican food, the elk creek trails,
the ocean, Tom and Sarah, Tessa's mom's house, Nigel, Pele Winds. The
easiness of it. Like not paying for parking and the bank and groceries and post
office all conveniently near one another. A few other people (not that
many). Alanon, seeing the ocean when driving towards it, like on “H” Street. The
view of the trees around the back drop of town. Fries at the bowling
alley. Strudel at Continental Bakery, Kona shakes at the drive thru by Taco Bell.
Some of Stephanie's (Circle J’s)goodies. One thing I like is the help I've gotten since
things are low-key. Like person-to-person help at College of the Redwoods and access to legal advice from George Mavris and stuff like that. Oh, and Red's Showcase Twin Cinemas.

Then for Del Norte: Lisa, the Redwoods, Azaleas, the Smith river, sometimes my
Dad's house, Jojos at the hamlet.”


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