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Friday, April 29, 2005

First day of work; second day of blogg

I started work at the liquor store today. It's funny how a person can work these kinds of jobs, the jobs you hope and pray you'll never have again, and somehow you end up there again. The last job I told myself I'd never do again was "customer service representative" at a local indian casino. It a job title euphemism George Carlin would love.
You don't earn a living wage at these jobs. You're lucky if you can pay rent and have enough money to pay your utility bills. I try to romanticize the experience : maybe I'll accumulate material that I could use to write an interesting story, or maybe I'll meet the woman of my dreams while working, or that these unfortunate circumstances are necessary dues that must be paid in order to appreciate future opportunity.
I'm at work hoping for excitement. Maybe armed robbery, or if nothing else, drug-crazed weirdos with a change scam. The closest I got today was a twelve or thirteen-year-old boy who couldn't get the plastic lid off the gummy bear container and proceeded to spew out a stream of turret's-like profanity/gibberish. That and the drunk lady that offered oral sex in exchange for a small discount on a gallon of whiskey.


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